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What Is A Black Tarmac Driveway?

A black tarmac driveway, commonly referred to as an asphalt driveway, is a popular choice for many homeowners and businesses in Leicester.

Comprising a mixture of bitumen, sand, and various aggregates, this type of driveway offers a sleek, smooth finish that's both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

The dark hue of the material provides a stark contrast to the surroundings, often enhancing the overall appearance of a property.

Moreover, tarmac's adaptability means it can be laid on almost any surface, making it a versatile option. Its popularity also stems from its cost-effectiveness, resilience to wear and tear, and relatively quick installation process.

black tarmac
black asphalt installed

How Long Does A Black Tarmac Drive Last?

The longevity of a black tarmac driveway is impressive, often serving homeowners for a period ranging between 12 to 20 years.

This lifespan, however, is contingent upon several factors. The quality of the initial installation plays a pivotal role; a well-laid driveway can withstand the test of time and elements.

The region's climate also impacts its durability, with extreme temperatures causing potential wear. Regular usage, heavy vehicles, and neglect can reduce its life.

However, with proper care, timely repairs, and occasional resealing, one can maximise the driveway's lifespan, ensuring it remains functional and visually appealing for years.

The work was carried out to a very high standard. Gave a time and turned up on time every time. Respectful bunch of hard-working lads. Would definitely recommend.

Pam woods


laying a black tarmac drive

Maintaining A Black Tarmac Driveway

Maintaining a black tarmac driveway requires a proactive approach. Regular cleaning is paramount; removing debris, leaves, and stains can prevent potential damage and keep the driveway looking pristine.

Every 2-4 years, it's advisable to apply a sealant, which acts as a protective barrier against harmful UV rays and water infiltration. 

Addressing minor cracks and holes promptly can prevent them from expanding, saving on future repair costs. Additionally, homeowners should be cautious about spilling oil or gasoline, as these can cause stubborn stains and degrade the tarmac.

By adhering to these maintenance guidelines, one can ensure the longevity and aesthetics of their driveway.

Extremely delighted with our newly installed resin driveway. Brilliant communication overall and kept up to date daily of progress. The whole team worked extremely hard, were friendly and respectful and kept our property exceptionally clean. Would definitely recommend.

Richard MAJOR


Is Tarmac An Environmentally Friendly Option?

In the realm of driveway materials, tarmac stands out for its environmental benefits. One of the primary advantages is that asphalt, its main component, is recyclable.

When a tarmac driveway reaches its lifespan's end, instead of being discarded, the material can be repurposed and used in new construction projects. This recycling capability reduces the need for new raw materials, thereby conserving resources.

Additionally, the dark surface of tarmac can aid in snow melt during winter, reducing the need for chemical deicers. While it's not entirely devoid of environmental impact, when compared to other materials, tarmac is a more sustainable choice.

freshly installed black tarmac driveway

Costs Of Installing Black Tarmac

The financial aspect of installing a black tarmac driveway is multifaceted.

Costs can vary based on several determinants, including the driveway's size, the project's complexity, and regional labor and material rates.

Generally, tarmac is perceived as a cost-effective alternative, especially when juxtaposed with materials like concrete or brick pavers.

While the initial outlay might seem significant, the long-term benefits, such as reduced maintenance costs and longevity, often make it a worthy investment. It's always advisable to obtain multiple quotes and consider factors beyond just cost, like the contractor's experience and reputation, before making a decision.

Can I Lay A Black Tarmac Drive Myself?

The idea of installing a tarmac driveway independently might seem enticing to some DIY enthusiasts, primarily due to potential cost savings.

However, the process is intricate and demands expertise. Proper installation is paramount for ensuring the driveway's durability and appearance.

Professionals possess the requisite equipment, knowledge, and experience to ensure the tarmac is laid evenly, compacted correctly, and finished smoothly. 

Mistakes in DIY installations can lead to premature wear, water pooling, and other issues, often culminating in higher long-term costs. Thus, for optimal results and peace of mind, hiring seasoned professionals is recommended.