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Benefits Of A Block-Paved Driveway

Paved driveways, whether constructed from concrete, brick, or stone pavers, offer a multitude of benefits for Leicester homeowners.

Firstly, they enhance the aesthetic appeal of a property, providing a neat and polished look. The variety of designs, patterns, and colours available allows homeowners to customise their driveways to complement their homes. 

Paved driveways are also durable and can withstand heavy vehicular traffic. They require minimal maintenance, especially when compared to gravel or dirt driveways. Additionally, a well-constructed paved driveway can increase the property value, making it a sound investment for homeowners.

The non-porous nature of most paving materials also ensures efficient water runoff, reducing the risk of puddles or flooding.

paved driveway with drainage channel
block paved driveway

Paved Driveway Materials

Driveways can be crafted from a myriad of materials, each offering distinct advantages.

Concrete is heralded for its durability and clean aesthetic. It's mixed and poured on-site, ensuring a consistent finish. Asphalt, also durable, is a cost-effective choice and has the flexibility to withstand temperature fluctuations.

Block paving, crafted from bricks or concrete blocks, is popular for the decorative designs it allows. Gravel, although requiring more maintenance, presents a rustic charm.

Permeable paving is another sustainable choice; it aids in water management, reducing runoff and supporting groundwater replenishment.

The work was carried out to a very high standard. Gave a time and turned up on time every time. Respectful bunch of hard-working lads. Would definitely recommend.

Pam woods


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How Long Does A Paved Driveway Last?

The longevity of a driveway primarily depends on its material and the care it receives.

Concrete driveways, when maintained, can serve homeowners for upwards of 30 years.

Asphalt, though needing resealing every few years, stands strong for around 20 years. Block paving, when given occasional care like re-sanding, can last several decades. 

The key takeaway is that with regular maintenance, be it cleaning, sealing, or immediate attention to minor damages, one can significantly extend the lifespan of their driveway.

Extremely delighted with our newly installed resin driveway. Brilliant communication overall and kept up to date daily of progress. The whole team worked extremely hard, were friendly and respectful and kept our property exceptionally clean. Would definitely recommend.

Richard MAJOR


Maintaining A Paved Drive

Maintenance protocols differ based on the paving material.

Concrete and asphalt driveways benefit from timely crack sealing and periodic overall resealing.

Block paved driveways might occasionally need re-sanding amidst their bricks to retain structural integrity. 

Regardless of the material, all driveways thrive with regular cleaning — this eliminates debris, prevents weeds, and maintains the driveway's aesthetic. For those in colder regions, promptly clearing ice and snow is essential to prevent freeze-thaw cycle damages.

block paving

Choosing The Right Paving

Selection should encompass several considerations: budget, desired aesthetics, durability preferences, upkeep commitment, and regional climate.

If decorative versatility is the aim, block paving, with its myriad of patterns and hues, might be ideal.

Those prioritising long-term durability with minimal maintenance might lean towards concrete.

Consulting with local paving specialists can offer valuable insights. They can guide choices based on regional conditions and individual needs.

paved driveway

Can A Paved Driveway Increase The Value of My Property?

A well-executed driveway can undeniably elevate a property's value.

Beyond its functional utility, it contributes substantially to kerb appeal, presenting the house as well-maintained and appealing to potential buyers.

The first impression is crucial, and a quality driveway reinforces the perception of a well-kept property.

While the property's value might not rise by the full cost of the driveway's installation, a standout driveway can expedite sales processes and make listings more appealing in competitive markets.