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Why Choose A Concrete Driveway?

Concrete driveways are synonymous with longevity and sturdiness.

When properly installed and maintained, they can serve homeowners for decades.

They provide a clean, neat appearance that complements various architectural styles.

Unlike gravel or asphalt, concrete does not rut, and its solid surface ensures that weeds or plants won't sprout through.

Additionally, it provides excellent load-bearing capacity, handling the weight of heavy vehicles effortlessly.

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Maintaining A Concrete Driveway

Maintenance primarily involves keeping the driveway clean and sealing it every few years.

Regularly sweeping or using a hose to wash away debris can prevent stains. If oil or other spills occur, it's essential to clean them promptly to avoid permanent staining.

Every 2-4 years, depending on use and local conditions, sealing the driveway can protect against water infiltration, freeze-thaw cycles, and stains.

Addressing cracks immediately can also prolong its lifespan.

The work was carried out to a very high standard. Gave a time and turned up on time every time. Respectful bunch of hard-working lads. Would definitely recommend.

Pam woods



How Long Do Gravel Driveways Last?

With proper care and maintenance, a concrete driveway can last 30 years or more.

Its lifespan often surpasses other driveway materials, making it a wise investment for many homeowners.

Factors affecting its longevity include installation quality, environmental conditions, usage, and regular maintenance.

Extremely delighted with our newly installed resin driveway. Brilliant communication overall and kept up to date daily of progress. The whole team worked extremely hard, were friendly and respectful and kept our property exceptionally clean. Would definitely recommend.

Richard MAJOR


Concrete Driveway Prices?

The cost of a concrete driveway varies depending on factors like the size of the driveway, local labour rates, and any custom finishes or colours.

As of 2021, in the UK, the cost could range from £40 to £100 per square metre, with intricacies in design or embedded patterns potentially raising the price.

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Can I Customise My Concrete Driveway?

Absolutely! One of the appealing features of concrete is its versatility.

It can be stamped, stained, or dyed to mimic the look of cobblestone, brick, or other patterns. 

This allows homeowners to achieve a customised appearance, whether they want a simple, sleek look or a more decorative finish.

Different finishes, from brushed to exposed aggregate, offer a variety of textures and aesthetics.

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Can A Concrete Driveway Increase The Value of A Property?

A well-maintained concrete driveway can indeed enhance a property's kerb appeal and potentially increase its value.

It conveys a sense of permanence and quality to prospective buyers. Its low-maintenance requirements and durability also make it an attractive feature for many house hunters.

Concrete driveways are a testament to their lasting appeal, combining functionality, durability, and aesthetic flexibility.

When maintained, they serve as both a practical solution for homeowners and an enhancement to a property's overall appearance.